Vehicle Green Tax is Likely to be Hiked from June

RTA sent proposals to the government seeking hike vehicle in green tax, which are likely to be accepted after June 15.

As per these proposals, the RTA demanded the following revisions in green tax to get a one-year fitness certificate for all the transport vehicles.

The green tax of transport vehicles that are 7 years old should be hiked from Rs.200 to Rs.500
The green tax for the motorcycles of 15 years old should be hiked from Rs.250 to Rs.500
For cars that are 15 years old, the green tax should be hiked from Rs.500 to Rs.1,000.

The old vehicles that are running on LPG, CNG and solar powered batteries are exempted from the green tax.

The government has introduced green tax in 2006 to discourage the use of old and worn-out vehicles. At present, as per the official sources, there are about 25,000 to 30,000 worn-out vehicles in the state plying on the roads.

Source: New Indian Express