Anxiety and Depression Related Disorders Increasing in the City

In the recent times, Hyderabad city has seen increase in the number of anxiety-related and depression related disorders, according to the sources. The mental health experts in the city are expressing concerns over the increased number of people consulting the major health care centres in the city. According to the sources., everyday 1,000 outpatients visits are recorded in the major health centres all across the city and they also mentioned that 15-20% of the population is affected by some or the other kind of mental illness. In the last two decades, it has been also observed that these mental disorders are increasing the number of suicide cases, from 9/lakh to 29/lakh in the last two decades.

Experts from many other health institutes are also expressing the same view. One of them said that “Multiple epidemiological studies show that, one in four persons suffer from some kind of clinical psychiatric disorder in the country and there is a psychiatric morbidity in the environment.” Of the different kinds of disorders, around 15 per cent are related to anxiety (phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder), 3-5 per cent are suffering from general depression, 1-2 per cent are bipolar and some are patients of alcohol or other substance abuse.

Others felt that many factors like education, job stress, dowry harassment, depression due to other factors are the reasons for such mental orders. They also mentioned that at present, 10-15% of the adolescents suffer from depression.

Source: DC