Little Known Fact on IT as a Career – Many Reconsidering IT as a Career Option

It may surprise you and it may not be in news, but many IT employees abandon IT careers after few years. This is a little known fact. Though people look for it to start their career and to start out well on salaries by doing programming jobs, they struggle later as they are dissatisfied with the work content.

Career in IT may offer high starting salaries but the growth prospects are very low. Many people join IT for salary rather out of genuine interest – it is not worthwhile as the salary is not steady. Because of high salaries, they are at high risk of losing jobs too. Other jobs start low but increase continuously, so other careers are more stable than IT.

Career in IT – highly insecure

Jobs in IT are not creative. They are project based and do not involve continuous engagement – even people in US are not interested in taking up such roles. There is heavy margin pressure in the IT sector that is unlikely to get better in future.

They usually have a five day week work schedule, but, when projects are there, they need to work on Saturdays anyways. There is need to stick to project deadlines, which results in lot of pressure. On top of that, even the future salary prospects are not that great.

IT is highly insecure – chances of job loss can be anytime. Many things are outside the employees’ control, like changes in technology. Many of the top technology giants too are suffering due to the highly unpredictable nature of IT.

Moreover, with high paid salaries at the very early stages of their career, people in IT get used to high income lifestyle. This makes it difficult for them during regular layoffs. If income had been low, they never would have got into high expense lifestyle.

Career in IT after few years – leaves you highly dissatisfied

Many senior people in IT do not feel proud to say that they have started as a programmer in .net or Java. Many experienced IT people do not want to do programming work later in their life. They are not even showing any interest to supervise programmers or train them.

Many people quit their IT jobs to join MBA, rather than continuing in IT by doing their masters in technology. This is not the case only in India, even the people who have gone abroad on their programming jobs, pursue evening courses in MBA – working in the job during the day and attending MBA classes in the evening. They are able to sustain this pressure, because they dislike the programming job that much.

Lakhs of engineers are coming out every year, where is the future for them? How can everyone get high salaries? IT is not a career for everyone. For some people it is very suitable, given the kind of interest and zeal they have towards the field. Others join IT because entry salaries are good, but they struggle a lot later and will desperately get out of IT.

So, please be careful before you choose IT as a career. Better be clear upfront regarding your career choice, because making adjustments later will not be that easy and may not be good for your future career too.

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