GHMC Paid Parking a Costly Affair

Parking of vehicles under the GHMC paid parking limit is becoming costly. On an average, there are nearly six GHMC employees deployed in less than 1 km radius near major shopping centres in the city. And if your vehicle is parked in areas like Himayathnagar, they charge Rs. 20 for four wheelers and Rs.10 for two wheelers and the same paid parking ticket is not valid if you move a little further, you have to shed an extra charge of Rs.20 or Rs.10. Someone shopping in the area should put aside Rs 60 to 100, if trying to check in 4 to 5 shops. This is forcing some people to park their vehicle somewhere inside nearby lanes and walk all the way to main road.

The GHMC charges Rs.20 for four wheelers and for 2 wheelers it is Rs.10, for a time limit of 1 hour and if the time limit extends, then they charge Rs.10 for every extra hour of parking, the charges are same for four and two wheelers.