Water Tariff to Double in Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB)

SCB is planning to hike the current water tariff from Rs. 6 per KL (kiloliters) to Rs. 13.50 per KL from 2013.

The residents in the cantonment are facing a lot of trouble due to water shortage. The area gets low pressure water only once in three days and the water supplied is only for an hour.

Under the current tariff, a household has to pay an average of Rs. 145 a month. After the proposed hike, the water bill along with service charges rises up to Rs. 290 per month.

The monthly average water tariff for domestic consumers under less than 15-KL category is Rs 212.50. For colonies, the domestic water tariff in the city is Rs. 10 per KL and for slums it is Rs. 7 per KL. Within SCB limits, there will be uniformity in proposed tariff for colonies and slums.

According to the cantonment officials, the hike is unavoidable, as the Water Board supplies water to the SCB and further the SCB supplies water to the residents. The Water Board hiked tariff from Rs. 6 per KL to Rs. 13.50 KL from Dec 1, 2011. The Water Board turned down requests by the cantonment officials to reduce the tariff to Rs. 10 KL.