Four-Hour Power Cut Likely in the City from Mid-March

Hyderabadis are once again going to face long hours of power cut! AP Transco officials are planning fir enforcement of power cut in the cities because of rise in expected power demand of 100 MU per day. This proposal will be implemented in mid-March and will lead to power cut up to four hours in cities and up to eight hours in towns and municipalities.

As of now, the amount of power needed is 277.67 MU/day (actual energy needed in the state), however, only 238.62 MU/day of power is being supplied by the AP distribution companies. There is a deficit of 39 million units in all a day. Load relief is being given in municipalities, towns and mandal headquarters and Hyderabd, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Warangal do not have any power-cut.

According to Transco officials, power is being purchased for the state from the power exchange units as well as Union Government was also requested to allocate power from Jhajjar NTPC. In the close of May 2013, 231 MW and 181 MW would be allocated. Suppose a shortage of 80 to 90MU per day is needed, then cities too may have power cuts.

Transco officials are planning to purchase 700 MW of power with RLNG/Naphtha. For this, cost per unit may range between Rs 9 – Rs 10. The power is going to be allotted to industries who are willing to purchase it at a higher price.

Source: Deccan Chronicle