None of the Private Engineering Colleges in State has Adequate Faculty

It is really sad to hear that not a single college among the 684 private engineering colleges in the state has up-to-the-mark or satisfactory faculty. This information came to light when the task forces carried out inspections in these colleges with the consent of the state government.

According to the sources all engineering colleges have a shortage of faculty and have employed unqualified people for the purpose. It is learnt the top engineering colleges who collect lakhs of rupees from students as fees and donations are in the list.

Last year, the college management argued that they had qualified faculty and were paying remuneration as per the state government and AICTE scales and claimed for fee hikes. The college managements approached Supreme Court and AP High Court appealing to revise college-wise fees on the grounds of infrastructure and quality of the faculty. Since the government did not check for the claims made by these colleges the decision was in their favour.

According to the AICTE norms, every department in the college must have 1 professor, 4 associate professors and 6 assistant professor in the ratio of 1:4:6. But, none of the colleges is following these norms and so the Admissions and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC) will revise the fees for engineering courses for a period of three years from the coming academic year (2013-14).

Source: Deccan Chronicle