Incentives to Customers for Carrying Their Own Personal Bags While Shopping

Come June 15 and all retail chain markets, super markets, shopping malls and other big establishments that come under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits will have to display the cost of carry bags at the cash counters.

And for customers carrying their own personal bags will get an incentive or discount from the establishments that will be equal to the cost of the carry bags that are charged from customers.

The GHMC Commissioner had a meeting with representatives of super markets, shopping malls and other establishments in the city and warned that rigorous action will be taken against them if they failed to apply these norms.

He also stated that the government had issued orders that no one should use carry bags made of compostable plastic or recycled plastics for packaging, dispensing, storing or carrying food stuffs. Neither manufacture, stock, distribute or sell carry bags of recycled or compostable or virgin plastic that is less than 40 microns in thickness.

The minimum price per each small size carry bags is Rs 2 and Rs 5 for each carry bag that is more than 40 microns. Carry bags will not be available free of cost by the retailers to the customers.

Source – The New Indian Express