More Graduates, Fewer Jobs this Year

Hiring practices have changed in campus placements for graduates. Earlier companies recruited fresh college graduates and experienced applicants in the ratio of 70:30, but now the companies have made the ratio to 50:50. While some companies have made it to a lesser ratio of 40:60.

With the change in hiring practices, fresh graduates who have passed out this year will have less job opportunities. They will have to struggle a bit to find a good job, as there are less jobs, more engineers.

Global companies like Google, Microsoft, etc, will begin campus placement in August and Indian companies like Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, etc, will start in September.

Experts say that in the past few years IT sector’s needs have been changing and unless students do not posses these skills, they will find it hard to get a job during campus placements.

Source – Deccan Chronicle