Economical Scooter Or Performance Scooter – Which One to Choose?

With increase in traffic every day, traffic signals for every one kilometre and worst road conditions, it is becoming tough for Hyderabadis who commute every day to colleges, offices and to other places on various purposes. Under such circumstances, gear less scooters are a better choice for comfortable commuting. They provide space to store medium sized luggage, shopping bags and helmet.

Many models available
There are 18 different gear less scooters available in Hyderabad from 8 major brands, namely, Honda, Hero, Mahindra, Suzuki, TVS, Yamaha, Piaggio and Hero Honda. Among these brands some are economical, some are best suitable for families, some for elderly people, while some are performance based, some are stylish looking scooters suitable for college students and some are for women. Depending on your comfort and need, choose the one that is best suited.

Comparing Honda Activa and Suzuki Access
After analysing and comparing the 18 gear less scooters by taking many key parameters we have picked two scooters – Access and Activa from two major auto makers Suzuki and Honda. Among the both, Honda Activa is an economical scooter and Suzuki Access is a performance scooter. Below is a table where we have compared both the scooters on various parameters.

Parameter Honda Activa Suzuki Access
On road price Rs. 57,378 Rs. 59,306
Mileage 60kpl 45kpl
CC 109.2cc 124cc
Weight 110 kg 115 kg
Seat height 30.1 inches 30.7 inches
Wheelbase 48.7 inches 49.2 inches
Max power 8bhp@7500rpm 8.58bhp@7000rpm
Max torque 8.74Nm@5500rpm 9.8Nm@5000rpm
Ground clearance 6.49 inches 6.29 inches
Tyres F:Tubeless 90/100 – 10 53J
R:Tubeless 90/100 – 10 53J
F: 90/100 – 10 53J
R: 90/100 – 10 53J
Under seat storage 18 L 20 L
Dimensions (L X W X H) 69.3 X 27.9 X 45.1 inches 70 X 25.6 X 44.3 inches
Pick up 0-60kmph in 10.2 seconds 0-60kmph in 7 seconds
Top speed 80kmph 90kmph
Height of the tyres 16 inches 16 inches
Tank capacity 5.3 L 6 L

Similarities between Honda Activa and Suzuki Access

  • Both have 18L and 20L under-seat capacity that can accommodate helmet or medium size luggage.
  • Both have almost similar seat height of 30.1 inches and 30.7 inches respectively.
  • Tank capacity of both scooters are above 5 litres. (Activa 5.3L and Access 6 L)

Honda Activa
Honda activaHonda Activa has comparatively less engine power and torque with 109cc engine, average pick up, lightweight (110kg), more mileage (60kpl) and is an economical scooter suitable for people of all ages and both males and females. It has tubeless tyres and frees rider from worrying about flat tyres.

Suzuki Access
SuzukiSuzuki Access has powerful 125cc engine with more power and torque than Activa with weight just 5kgs more than Activa. This scooter is suitable for young students and people who are looking for best pick up and high top speed. Being 125cc engine scooter, Access gives less mileage (45kpl) than Activa.

Overall, both are good options and the choice depends on the needs of a person with respect to pick up, mileage and resale value. More importantly it depends on the personality and financial situation of a person. Good-luck with whatever your choice is.