Unique Hyderabadi Lingo

You can easily identify people of Hyderabad by the way they speak. They have a unique Hyderabadi language and they use some words which are confined only to this region. Here are some words which only a Hyderabadi will say and understand.

  • Parsoon: This technically means day before yesterday or day after tomorrow. But for a Hyderabadi it can be anywhere from 3 days to about 10 years
  • Kaiku: Kyun / Why
  • Hau: Haan / Yes
  • Abbi: Abhi / Right now
  • Nakko: Nahi / No
  • Chingum: Chewing gum
  • Hallu: Ahista / Slowly
  • Kafi: Coffee
  • Hawla: Bewaquf / Fool
  • Aare: Aao / Come
  • Jaare: Jao / Go
  • Peytabh: Maujey / Socks
  • Potti: Ladki / Girl
  • Potta: Ladka / Boy
  • Tereko: Aapko / For you
  • Mereko: Mujhey or Hamko / For me

We will update this article again with more words. If you have anything to add, please share with us.