Using an ATM Centre – A Few Precautionary Steps

A recent incident reportedly at an ATM centre in a neighbouring state has made users in Hyderabad to worry for safety at ATM centres. In the light of this, the following points are advisable.

  • Stay alert for suspicious people around the ATM centre.
  • Avoid ATMs in distant as well as crowded areas.
  • Make sure you do not use mobile phone while using the ATM. It can cause distraction.
  • See if there is anyone inside the kiosk before you start using the machine.
  • While entering you PIN stay close to the machine and cover the keypad to avoid revealing the PIN to others behind you.
  • Press ‘Cancel’ button before you leave the centre.
  • Wait until bank’s homepage is visible. This shows that your transaction is done.
  • If you get a slip on transaction, destroy the same.
  • Do not seek help from others who you do not know.
  • If going to an ATM at night, take a friend/relation along with you.
  • Avoid counting the cash you withdraw in the ATM kiosk, put the cash in your pocket or wallet, and count it later.
  • If there is not enough light in the ATM centre, avoid using it.

Source – The Hindu