Public Transportation in Hyderabad

With numerous IT companies and MNCs setting up their offices throughout Hyderabad, has attracted numerous job seekers from all over the country. However, those relocating to Hyderabad to start their career or for a better career opportunity in the city often come up with a question, how they will travel?

Even the locals who lived in the old Hyderabad often have to commute to the newly constructed Hi-Tech city for their jobs. Travel is an issue. But there are lots of choices for people using public transportation in Hyderabad. Previously Hyderabad used to face a lot of traffic congestion on a daily basis. But, the problem has been solved to a great extent with the construction of flyovers. Hyderabad is also getting metro services to minimize the traffic problems further. Let’s see what options are there for the daily commuters:


Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) buses ply on the roads of Hyderabad and provide good public transport connectivity. The buses are operated by the Government and connect the major locations around the city. The fare is also reasonable.

While the acronym is actually TSRTC, locally it is shortened and just called as RTC and you will regular come across people referring to them as RTC bus or RTC bus stop. During the rush hours the RTC buses are crammed, but you can comfortably travel in Metro Liners. Metro Liners tickets are more expensive, the buses are more upscale and the crowd is less in these buses.


Autos are the most convenient method of travel in Hyderabad. You can take an auto to travel a distance of half a kilometer or to go as far as 10 kms. The autos are paid on basis of meter. Shared autos are also common in busy routes. You can share the auto with passengers who are commuting the same route as yours and the charges are very reasonably and start at Rs.10.


Taxis are not usual on the roads of Hyderabad. Though, there are prepaid taxi services available from the airport and railway station. However, with the advent of Uber and Ola services, the problem of taxis has been resolved. You can take a solo ride or a shared ride to the destination of your choice booking the cab from your phone. Both Uber and Ola have large number of vehicles in their network.


Hyderabad is also blessed with suburban railway system connecting major junctions within the city. The four main railway stations are Nampally, Secunderabad, Kachiguda and Begumpet. The local train system MMTS is run by south central railway which connects 27 stations. This is one of the preferred public transports of the neighborhoods that are close to the MMTS railway stations.

Metro rail

From the end of 2017, metro rail is operating in Hyderabad. The world class metro covers a distance of 30kms connecting Nagole to Miyapur. The stretch has got 24 stations. Major commercial hubs like Begumpet and Ameerpet are connected with the metro lines. The full operations of the Phase 1 of the metro will be gradually opened up. The city is eagerly waiting for the opening of the section connecting Cyber Towers in Hitech City via the metro rail.

If you are planning to move to Hyderabad, you do not have to worry in general about public transport. With so many options, you will surely not have difficulty in commuting. However, it is important to choose your residence location where there is decent connectivity to public transportation. Make that as one of the key thing while choosing the areas in Hyderabad to consider for your residence.