Hyderabad School Fees: Private School & International School Fee

For parents seeking admission for their kids in schools one of the biggest topics in their mind is the schools fees for private and international schools.  As they explore the various schools to get quality schooling for their children, they seek much information on the best schools available for their children.

Schools fees for private and international schools in Hyderabad

One of the key selection criteria for choosing the schools is fees charged by the school.  For the school also, one of the key criteria for giving admission is the ability of the parent to afford the school fees. When the school management has a doubt about the parents ability to pay the school fees, they typically don’t select the kids of such parents for their school.

School education can range from 40 thousand per year to close to ten lakhs per year for 10th class and below. All these schools are top schools and you must be wondering why some schools are 25 times more expensive than a top 10 school in Hyderabad.

Why so much variation in Hyderabad school fees in private and international schools?

Firstly, the Hyderabad school fee depends on your residence location. If you live in the center of the city a few kilometers from the tank bund lake you have several good options that are also reasonable. While the Hyderabad school fees for a top school will increase if you are located near the outer ring roads including around Kokapet area. There are no established and affordable good schools in Cyberabad area and once you move away from Kukatpally towards Miyapur and Chandanagar.

Unfortunately, the newer generation schools are 100 to 200% more expensive than previous generation top school in Hyderabad. These schools are untested for performance but high on popularity. It has become fashionable to pay high school fees.

School fee in Hyderabad international schools

The school fees of international schools from the most affordable to the most expensive ranges from around 1 lakh to about 8 lakhs per year. There is a belief among many parents that International schools will help their kids get admission in foreign universities. The international school fees cost anywhere from 15 lakhs to 1 crore per child for school education.

While in the US research reports have shown that more than 50% of US parents expect their kids to make less income that their generation. Also, the average cost of college fees and lodging for the 4 year college program is costing more than quarter million US dollars.

Lack of knowledge or limited knowledge of international college education leads parents to seek admission for their children in international schools. Parents are drawn more by peer pressure and the compelling presentations by international schools. No doubt the quality of school buses, uniforms and school buildings is impressive.  However, many parents complain that faculty in such schools is more like air hostess and flight stewards – good with appearances rather with quality teaching methods.  Most teachers and principals don’t have a relevant education degree like B.Ed / M.Ed and schools cope by reducing children per class.

Higher private school fee in Hyderabad unlikely to give better schooling

Price and top schools don’t go together. Some of the most expensive schools have not delivered any great performance among their students in college admissions or career success. Some of the top schools that have delivered quality schooling and high performance students consistently are Kendriya vidhyalayas, Hyderabad Public School, and schools run by service minded societies and religious organizations. There is a firm belief in minds of school kids parents that high school fees only supports lavish life styles of school owners and funds the school’s expansion rather than give any benefits to their school kids.

Best schools in Hyderabad with low fees

There are a good number of parent who are smart and understand that schooling is not allowed as profit making activity. Also, the cost of running a school is not much. Such smart parents know they need to stop being in the rat race for fancy schools to give quality schooling and upbringing to their children. Money cannot build good character in children. Teachers and educators who are serious about quality schooling are not money-minded.

For all this reason, they know high school fees is not essential for quality schooling. Such parents looking for best schools in Hyderabad with low fees. Based on the socio-economic condition of the parents – a suitable school with similar parental profile is available from Rs.10,000 per year to about 45,500 per year.