Guide: Choosing Top Schools and Best Schools in Hyderabad

One of the most important decisions a parent makes on their kids education is choosing the school. A good school can make a big difference to the molding of the child and preparing for adult life.

All parents don’t think alike with respect to schools. There are different view points and different schools to support that expectation of the parents. While some seek famous schools, there are others who look for a decent school nearby that is not too fancy but has decent teachers.  Some parents look for elite schools with the cream of society joining the school. Others look for school that has kids coming from all walks of life so that the child gains exposure to wider society.

At the time of school admission, many parents spend much time in figuring out the best school for their children. During that time, parents evaluate various school options before making a choice on the school. Our goal is to provide you all the relevant information so that you can make the right choice regarding school admission.

Choosing best schools in Hyderabad by curriculum:

From the curriculum point of view there are multiple school types – CBSE, ICSE, Telangana State board, Waldorf, IGCSE, Montessori, Cambridge. Parents who come from a certain curriculum choose a school from the same curriculum. CBSE school educated parents prefer CBSE schools and many times ICSE school educated parents prefer ICSE board schools.

Popular top 10 schools in Hyderabad:

There are some schools that are quite popular and many parents seek admissions in these schools. The most popular are listed below:

In addition to contact details about schools, there are also some good articles on schools in this section on academics.

Hyderabad schools – location factor, travelling time/distance & fee costs in finalizing a best school

In addition there are constraints like nearby school and school fees. Many parents are increasingly coming to believe that high school fees schools are not a good influence on children upbringing.

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For your convenience we have arranged the most important articles related to schools on our website. By reading those articles – you will be able to make informed decisions on choosing the schools.