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In this section, you can find some functional information that will make your living in Hyderabad easy and reduce a few mundane anxieties. The information provided here will help you take functional decisions, save your precious time, and get acquainted with facilities available in Hyderabad city to enable better quality of living.

This section covers useful information like Hyderabad radio stations, bus services, mmts services, complaints, e-seva services, finding the best hyderabad map, shopping centers, etc. We hope this information will serve your needs.

Quick Guide - Links to Main Info@Hyd Pages

Find here the links to various service providers, Govt. agencies, services, dealerships, maps and other useful info related to living in Hyderabad City... »

Major Bus Routes of APSRTC in Twin Cities

You would not worry much about these bus routes if you own a vehicle and are sure that you will never get into major means of transportation in Hyderabad. The information below will be very useful not only for people new to Hyderabad but also for the Hyderabadis who are new to traveling by... »

Best Shopping Centers in Hyderabad – Know 'Where to Get What' in the City

What makes Hyderabad a one-stop shopping destination is its wholesale markets. Each market in the city specializes in selling one type of goods – assuring best quality, wide variety and cheaper prices. Confused on how to shop in Hyderabad, then check out this quick buyers guide on 'where to get what' in the city... »

Understanding Hyderabad City: Differences Between MCH, GHMC, HUDA, and HMDA

Hyderabad – the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan metropolitan cities in India. Considering area of the city, it is disproportionately larger than any urban centre in the state. However, it is difficult for the common man to say who takes care of Hyderabad city. Any way, if.. »

GHMC – Zones, Circles and Wards

GHMC divided Hyderabad into five zones. Zones are divided into 18 circles and these circles are divided into 150 wards. Here you can get information on each zone, circle, ward and the population of each ward. »

e-Seva Services in Hyderabad

Once, small tasks like payment of utility bills were very laborious. People used to spend lot of time and effort waiting in long queues and running around various departments. eSeva is a brilliant idea that offers a variety of citizen-utility services at one place. eseva provides many services including payments of bills, issue of... »

Types of Air Conditioners (ACs)

Types of Air Conditioners (ACs)

Many people of Hyderabad have purchased air conditioners before the arrival of summer. A few of us are still unable to decide on which type of air conditioner to choose. Well, this article is for those who are planning to buy an air conditioner this summer. When buying an air conditioner for the house... »

How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?

How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?

Summer has arrived and with it comes different chores, and one such is protecting your home garden plants from summer heat. With rise in temperature, it becomes very hard for the plants to survive. Just like how we take extra precautions to stay cool and protected during summers, plants also need some special care.... »

Getting Your Air Cooler Ready for this Summer

It’s summer! Let’s get our air cooler out from the storeroom and get it ready for use. Many of us, don’t do it the right way, maybe we don’t know how to do it or we are lazy. If it is not cleaned properly, it may not perform well or worse, may affect one’s... »

Cool Your House by Applying Coolant on the Rooftop

Cool Your House by Applying Coolant on the Rooftop

Summer in Hyderabad is becoming unbearably hot. Single storey buildings and apartment flats on the top floors have already started giving the feel of hot furnace. Since they take sun’s heat directly, they are hotter than the flats in the lower floors and you can feel the heat even in the evening till late... »

Plants to Grow this Summer – Xerophytes and Semi-Arids

Plants to Grow this Summer – Xerophytes and Semi-Arids

Summer in Hyderabad is typically hot with temperature soaring above 40°C. During this season, plants dry out quickly as they can’t sustain the heat. They need frequent watering and care, otherwise they won’t be able to survive. If you are looking for plants that can sustain summer heat and can survive with little water,... »

Why Are Air Coolers Gaining Popularity Over Air Conditioners?

With climate changing, the demand for cooling machines has been increasing. An air conditioner is quite a popular appliance and the sales of air conditioners have risen. However, air coolers are also gaining attention due to several factors. Quite different from an air conditioner yet serving the same purpose, this appliance is especially more... »

Comparison Between Air Coolers And Air Conditioners

For those who do not know what an air cooler is, air cooler and air conditioner (AC) might sound similar to each other. However, although both the appliances serve the same purpose, they are quite different in multiple ways, including their functionalism. Knowing the difference between the two would help you choose wisely while... »

Reasons To Relocate To Hyderabad For Your Career Growth

Hyderabad offers many unique advantages that are difficult to match by other Indian cities. All round, it offers a complete solution to make both your work and personal life better. It does not matter whether you are fresher looking for a job or an experienced person making a mid-career move. For both situations, Hyderabad... »

Hyderabad Expected To Have High Demand for Office Spaces in 2018

Hyderabad’s vibrant job sector coupled with highly competitive real estate prices have led to an increase in demand for the office spaces. A survey found that the city is right now experiencing an all time high demand for office spaces. In 2017, almost 5.6 million sq.ft. was leased out. In the next five years,... »

Public Transportation in Hyderabad

With numerous IT companies and MNCs setting up their offices throughout Hyderabad, has attracted numerous job seekers from all over the country. However, those relocating to Hyderabad to start their career or for a better career opportunity in the city often come up with a question, how they will travel? Even the locals who... »