Best English Learning Institutes in Hyderabad

With increased awareness on importance of English in career advancement and improving the job prospects, many people today are approaching English training institutes. But many of them, particularly from Hyderabad, are ignorant of the proper learning system and hence are choosing wrong institutes. Common mistakes they make while choosing an institute to learn English are:

  • Go by the fancy, loud and extensive advertisements (100% results, placements, etc.)
  • Get fascinated by false claims of learning English in the least possible time using shortcuts

Many of the English training institutes these days are over claiming about their systems and achievements in order to make business. One should keep this in mind and look for functional features of the institute to master the language properly. A good institute

  • Provides right tools & literature (not heavy study materials) to make English interesting
  • Emphasizes on building skills slowly and steadily (does not encourage to mug up the concepts)
  • Covers all aspects of English – listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Gives access to culture, literature, wisdom, information, people, etc. (does not glamorize English, use slang, etc.)
  • Makes sure that the training is useful to succeed in real world, not in exams or interviews

Some of the good English training institutes in Hyderabad are:

Ramakrishna Math: Ramakrishna Math is recognized as one of the best English training institutes in Hyderabad. It is non-commercial and provides quality English teaching through experienced and highly qualified teaching faculty.

Courses offered and their duration: It offers regular spoken English course (4 levels – basic, junior, senior and advanced) and a short-term Intensive Course in Communicative English (ICCE).

Regular spoken English course is conducted 3 times (January, June and September sessions) in a year, the duration of each session being 3 months. The ICCE starts in April and is of 1 month duration. The admission notification and the sale of applications will be announced one month before the commencement of sessions on their website.

Contact details: Ramakrishna Math, opp. Indira Park, lower Tankbund, Hyderabad.
Ph: 27635545; Timings: 8.00 AM to 11.30 AM – 4.00 PM to 6.30 PM; Website:

British Council of India: British Council of India is an UK based educational organization which offers high quality English language training.

Courses offered and their duration: The institute offers English language courses for both adults and children (kids & teenagers). There are 3 varied courses offered for adults – English evolution, English executive and English impact.

The courses for adults are spread over 7 weeks (42 hours) and for children the course is spread over 7 weeks (21 hours for kids – 3 hours a week and 28 hours for teens – 4 hours a week).

Contact details: British Council Teaching Center, St. Francis College, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
Ph: 040-23483333; website:

Hyderabad Central University (HCU): The center for distance education of this university offers an English course for people who want to improve their skills in English. The teaching staff consists of senior English language training professionals from HCU and EFLU.

Courses offered and their duration: This institute offers a course called P.G. Diploma in Communicative English in the distance mode. This is not totally a basic course, but it is for the candidates who have minimum knowledge in English and want to enhance it. The course duration is one year and the admission notification will be announced in November.

Contact details: Center for distance education, UoH, Gachibowli, Hyd.

English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU): This central university offers English language courses for those who want to improve their English skills and also make a career.

Courses offered and their duration: The University offers various short-term courses in basic proficiency in English and in spoken English. These courses are for those students who have a basic knowledge in English and want to improve it. The basic proficiency course in English may be of 160 hours (4 months duration and start in January and July) or of 1 month (even for spoken English). Admissions start from November.

Contact details: EFLU, Osmania University campus, Hyderabad.

Center for English Language Training (CELT), O.U: CELT is established to provide adults and young learners from different backgrounds to learn and improve English. The faculty consists of staff from Department of English, O.U and training experts from corporate sector.

Courses offered and their duration: The center offers courses on various aspects of English such as vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking, etc. for beginners and learners. The duration of these courses is generally of 2 months. It also conducts one day workshops on the same. The list of courses offered includes:

  • Interactive courses on English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation & accent neutralization
  • English course for housewives
  • English Courses for improving career opportunities

Contact details: CELT, University College of Engineering, O.U Campus, Hyd.

Vivekananda Kendra, Hyderabad: Vivekananda Kendra, a branch of the same institute in Kanyakumari, has many centers in Hyderabad and has been offering spoken English courses for students and adults at affordable prices.

Courses offered and their duration: The institute offers basic and advanced (oral communications and public speaking) spoken English courses in its various branches in Hyderabad. The duration of basic spoken English course is 2 months and that of advanced course if 1 month. For admission notice, you can check the website at the starting of every month.

Contact details: Vivekananda Kendra, H.No: 8-3-319/1, Yellareddyguda, Yousufguda main road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-73. Ph.: 040-23743551; Website:

The above are the details of few eligible institutes which can offer quality English training for both beginners and learners.

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