English Gives Access to Wisdom from Across the World

Literature makes us knowledgeable about the thinking patterns of various cultures. Literature is an important part of history. It consists of classical writings by many good people, philosophers, administrators, poets etc. It might be difficult to get access to learned people, but it is easy to get access to their books. You need to have good reading ability in English to understand this vast knowledge from thousands of wise people. Learning English gives direct access to the thinking, ideas, concepts and knowledge that can help you lead a better life.

People have transformed from ages to present modern era by reading good literature. Literature has played important role in every crucial stage of history. For example, during the dark ages in Western and Europe, people were characterized by certain primitive mindset. The minds of the people were filled with hatred, lack of respect for basic human rights, suppression of science, art and intellectuals. In similar manner, Western countries too suffered from many drawbacks before the renaissance period. In this period, people were too narrow minded and for this reason, these times were called dark ages by Europeans.

Though the mankind has been faced with the above said challenging times, changes were constantly happening. The great transformations from living as tribals to present democratic lifestyle have happened because of literature. The writings of philosophers like Socrates, Confucius have changed the mindset of people. These great thinkers used to have certain ideologies and good way of thinking that inspired people who read them to be different and better.

Good books are ageless (like Panchatantra, Bhagvad Geetha, Bible, etc.). These classics help in thinking in new and superior ways. By learning English you can get access to good literature easily. Reading translations of the literature may have wrong interpretations and poor translation. English gives access to best cultures of the world, which is very inspiring and develops your personality.

Many good people have written books in English, which means that by learning English one can get access to their thoughts. Another useful feature of English is that, when someone writes in Russian, Italian, French or Portuguese and it is good book, there is a good chance that the book will have a good English translation because of the large population of English readers. Therefore, learning English gives access to wisdom from across the world. When you cannot read in English your development could be stunted and you could lose out in today’s competitive world. Most importantly, you may be performing below your true capabilities and losing out an opportunity.

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