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Have an Ear for English to Learn English

Though Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan city (with many languages like Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, etc.,), English is still treated as a foreign language due to the late introduction to the language and distinct culture associated with it. Though Hyderabadis are now learning English (out of compulsion to get a job) they are still detached with English.

Best English Learning Institutes in Hyderabad

With more people in Hyderabad aspiring to learn English, there is a need for professional guidance, that can help them learn the real concept and purpose of language. Keeping this in view, we have picked up some good institutes from the many spoken English institutes in city that have a qualified teaching faculty.

Ramakrishna Math Offers Quality Education Through Disciplined Approach

Ramakrishna Math, situated in the Hyderabad city is a highly valued English learning institute for its highly disciplined, and qualified educational system. If you are looking for some of the reputed spoken English institutes, then you would be lucky to have found RK Math, that paves path for the valued learning of Spoken English.

Enhanced English – Only Rescue Option for BPOs in India

India’s image as a hot spot for BPO’s is slowly starting to fade away. In spite of being the world’s second most populated country, it has already lost 50% of its BPO market share to Philippines, a country which has…

Improve English Writing Skills Applying Benjamin Franklin’s Principles

Developing English writing skills is slightly difficult and with spoken English institutes in our city giving least importance to them, its still more difficult. Benjamin Franklin, “America’s first great man of letters”, who had also lacked English writing skills like many us has some tips to give from his experience to improve these skills.

Why Focusing on English Writing Skills is More Important Than Spoken English?

People in the city are misguided by the present trend on spoken English. English writing skills which are highly neglected by the spoken English institutes in the city, are very much important not only in your career advancement but also for getting a strong hold on the concepts of language and on spoken English.