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Typing Speed – A Skill Most Job Seekers Neglect

By hiocuser1

In the recent decade of the digital age if there is one skill that is very important for success and that has been neglected.  It may come as a surprise to many but it is computer skills. While programming jobs have increased compensation and the number of people employed in IT has increased over... »

Staff Selection Commission to Introduce GRE Type of Tests for Jobs

By HIOC Team

18 April 2011: The central recruiting agency, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is planning to introduce a Common Screening Test (CST), just like in GRE. The score of the candidate acquired in this test will determine the jobs or grades he is suitable for, like clerks, probationary officer or write for IAS officer. The test... »

Hyderabad is the Third Most Popular Choice for Job Seekers

By HIOC Team

23 March 2011: Hyderabad stood next to Bangalore and Delhi in the survey conducted by Aspiring Minds Research Cell, on the geographic preferences by engineers for their job locations. 7 out of 10 candidates preferred Bangalore. The sample consisted of 49% from South India. The survey revealed that the 72% opted for Bangalore, 32%... »

India Looses Content Related Jobs in AOL to Huffington Post

By HIOC Team

12 March 2011: Though India considered is as the best outsourcing hub for content writing services, it is still struggling to hold on the top MNCs. This fact is reestablished by the recent layoff of 400 employees by AOL, one of the top American content providers, in its Bangalore unit. This lay off was... »

IT in AP Shows Extremely Positive Development for the Year 2010-11

By HIOC Team

According to IT and Communications Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh, in the first nine months of current fiscal year of 2010-2011, the amount contributed by IT exports is Rs.25,000 crore (compared to Rs.33,482 crore in all the last year), IT investments reached Rs.5,500 crore (Rs.5,000 crore last year) and the area took up... »

Hyderabad to be Google’s Cloud Hub

By HIOC Team

More IT jobs will be created in Hyderabad, as Google India decides to set Hyderabad as its centre of excellence for cloud computing activities. The company is planning to double its engineering staff over the next two years with huge belief on the Indian engineering talent. Cloud computing is a new generation of computing.... »

“Three City Sister Agreement” Between Hyderabad and Two Cities in Australia

By HIOC Team

An agreement, “three city sister” was made between Hyderabad and two cities such as Brisbane and Ipswich located in second largest state, Queensland of Australia. Such agreement is to promote and exchange trade, vocational education and job generation. The seal will put on the sister city status and The three city’s mayors will make... »

Self Centered People: Unfit to Hold any Meaningful Job in a Good Company

By HIOC Team

There are people those who work for others, but have the same attitude towards their employers that postal clerks have toward the post office department. I hasten to make it clear that I intend no slight or slur against postal clerks, who work hard and well. But, they are not motivated by any need... »

eCertificates to Reduce Fraudulent Job Candidate Profiles

By correspondent

As a part of upgrading the higher education, the HRD Minister Mr.Kapil Sibal said that they are planning to create an electronic format which can authenticate or reissue the certificates. The ministry is planning to pass a bill for the creation of the depository which enables to store the certificates electronically. This in turn... »

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