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Rise in Phishing Attacks on Indian Brands – Hyderabad in Second Place

By HIOC Team

Phishing attacks on the Indian brands registered under the ‘.in’ domain are rising at an alarming rate. The Indian domain (.in), which secured 10th position in the spam distribution list in 2011, has now jumped to the 5th position. According to software security firm Symantec, Indian brands are being targeted by cyber criminals for... »

eBay Reveals Online Shopping Behavior of Hyderabadis

By HIOC Team

eBay census 2011 has revealed the trends in the online buying, selling, importing and exporting all across the country. As per this survey, city stood as the 6th largest e-Commerce hub in the country. The top five cities were Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and Chennai. Additionally, the country has over 3,311 e-Commerce hubs and... »

Hackers from China Target Major Organizations Including Government of India

By HIOC Team

03 Aug 11: World’s biggest series of hacking attacks which targets the networks of governments and defense organizations all across the world has found its roots in China. The hackers from China are involved in massive transfer of intellectual property ever occurred in history, which may lead to frightening economic threat. McAfee has released... »

Survey Conducted to Know Urban Youth Awareness on Cyber Safety

By HIOC Team

19 Jul 11: A survey was conducted by McAfee-Synovate to know how safe are Indian children online. This survey was only limited to affluent and upper middle class households of 10 cities – Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi. The survey was conducted on 500 children (between the age... »

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