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More Kite Flyers in Hyderabad this Year

Come Makara Shankrathi, it’s time for kite flying, a favourite past of Hyderabadis. Like every year this year too Hyderbadis enjoyed kite flying. Everything favoured, Nature God offered a good weather, and prices of kites were reasonable. Professionals still have time this year to exhibit their kite flying skills.

Significance of Sankranthi

Sankranthi is basically a harvest festival. Beyond this, it has astronomical significance. Every part in our celebration during this three day festival has a meaning and importance starting from Bhogi to Kanuma, from bonfire to kite flying.

Kite Flying, Sankranthi and 2011

Sankranthi means return of war cries, crowds and battle zones. If you thought this has anything to do with the Sri Krishna report or TRS, then you are wrong. It is the kite duels and hectic activity on the skies…