Hyderabad FM Radio Stations

Searching for radio stations in Hyderabad? You have come to the right place! See below for the radio station frequencies for FM, short wave and medium wave stations:

FM Radio Stations Hyderabad

Frequency Radio Station
91.1 Radio City
92.7 Big 92.7 FM
93.5 Red FM
98.3 Radio Mirchi
101.9 AIR Rainbow FM
102.8 AIR Vividh Bharathi

All radio channel frequencies mentioned above are in MHz

These radio stations can be received in Hyderabad city and most of the periphery of the new GHMC limits. For example, radio stations can be received to a point a few metres away from Ramoji Film City.

One best way to know the popularity of Hyderabadi FM radio channels is to know about their on-air experience as well their achievements. Here’s brief story about each channel.

Radio City
Aired at 91.1 MHz, Radio City is the first private FM station in the Hyderabad city. Owned by Music Broadcast Private Limited (MBPL), Hyderabad radio city is the fifth station launched by the company. Including Hyderabad city, MBPL runs 20 stations in different parts of India.

Radio city was officially launched in Hyderabad on May 26, 2006. The channel airs both Telugu and Hindi programmes.

Anuj Gurwara, a Filmfare Award winning Indian playback singer, once worked with Radio city and was also awarded “No.1 RJ across All-India Radio City” for the year 2006-07.

However, the station is more popular in Mumbai and Bangalore than in Hyderabad and also records the highest growth and more listener base in those cities. Click here for their website.


BIG 92.7 FM
Owned by The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Big 92.7 FM is the India’s largest FM network. The company has the record of launching 45 stations within 18 months.

Big 92.7 FM was launched in Hyderabad during September, 2006 with the simultaneous launch at 5 other metro cities in India.

Big 92.7 FM is aired in Hyderabad with a brand slogan “Vinu Vinupinchu, Life Andhinchu’. The channel has also won ‘Excellence in Radio Awards 2011’ for the ‘Best Breakfast Show’ and RJ of the Year.

Big 92.7 FM RJ Shekar Basha from Hyderabad has received many awards in different categories. He has the record winning highest number of Indian excellence radio awards in India; with a total of 10 awards to his credit, which include 2 best promos, 5 best breakfast shows, 3 RJ of the year awards in a span of 5 years (i.e., 2007-2011). Recently he won “IRF Best Telugu RJ of the Year 2011”.

Big FM is the only brand which was recognized for its entry being a finalist and also won award at the New York Radio Festival during the year 2007-08. Click here for their website.


Red FM
Red FM with a broadcasting frequency of 93.5 MHz is owned by Sun Network and was launched in Hyderabad in November, 2006. The Sun group has chosen the tagline ‘Vinandi Vinandi Ullasanga Utsahanga’ for the Hyderabad station.

The channel was initially named as S FM or Suryan FM but later in 2009 was re-branded into RED FM across 38 cities in India.

Coming to the awards, at the sixth Indian Excellence in Radio Awards 2011, Red FM Hyderabad picked up gold for the Best Radio Promo: In-House (Telugu) for its Kitty Party Promo. During 2010, Red FM RJ, Prathika won RJ of the year award at the 5th Indian excellence awards. Click here for their website.


Radio Mirchi
Aired at 98.3 MHz, Radio Mirchi is owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL), one of the subsidiaries of The Times Group. Launched in April 2006, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Hyderabad is the 10th station of ENIL. Along with Hyderabad, the channel operates in 32 other cities in India.

The channel does have a slogan, ‘Idhi Chala Hot Guru’. At national level Radio Mirchi won 12 IRF awards during the year 2011. Click here for their website.


AIR Rainbow FM
AIR Rainbow FM is owned and run by All India Radio (AIR), a government owned enterprise. Aired at 101.9 MHz, Rainbow is the first commercial FM channel in twin cities, launched in December, 2005. With this launch Hyderabad became the 13th centre in the country to have FM Rainbow radio channel. Within no time this channel became popular but after the entry of private players the channel lost its sheen over the years. Click here for their website.


Vividh Bharathi
Broadcasted at 102.8 Mhz, AIR’s Vividh Bharathi is the first FM radio station to be broadcasted in Hyderabad. It was launched long back during 1990s, along with 5 other AM stations broadcasted by AIR. Vividh Bharathi features programs in different languages like Telugu, Hindi, and English. The channel is still well known for playing old classics from Tollywood and Bollywood.


Medium Wave Radio Stations in Hyderabad:

Frequency Radio Station
738 Khz Hyderabad A
1377 Khz Hyderabad B

Short Wave Radio Stations in Hyderabad:

Frequency Timings
4800 Khz 5:50 am to 7:45 am
5:00 pm to 11:14 pm
7420 Khz 7:54 am to 10:15 am
11:40 am to 3:05 pm

Radio in Last Millennium:

The radio has been popular with a vast section of society much before the advent of televisions, computers, and Internet. The radio due to its popularity became a household item as it offered easy entertainment and was portable. However, with the advent of television, the popularity of radio decreased. The natural advantage of television of being an audio-visual media caught people’s attention, as it was more appealing. Over the next few years, the popularity of television increased day by day.

FM Radio Stations Led To Resurgence in Popularity of Radio:

After 1999, the entry of private FM radio channels was instrumental in increasing the popularity of radio. These FM radio stations offered good programming content and became popular especially among teenagers. The FM Radio Stations with latest technology and stereophonic audio increased the quality of listening experience. There is very less buzzing sound in FM Radio, which was nuisance with earlier generation of technology. The current FM radio listener base is expected to increase further with passage of time. Click here for more on Resurgence of Radio.

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