Expansion of IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad is expanding the academic activities to M.Tech and Ph.D programmes. They are going to increase their M.Tech programmes in various branches of civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, material science, chemical engineering apart from M.Sc programme in chemistry. The director of IIT Hyderabad, Mr U.B.Desai said that they are going to take 75 students for M.Tech and 25 for Ph.D to promote research culture.

Mr.Desai added that IIT-H is making fast progress in the research area including the regular B.Tech programmes. Even the faculty members will be increased to 50 by august of this year. And the students will be increased to 500 including B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D’s. The student teacher ratio is likely to be made 9:1.

Even the location plays a major role says Mr.Desai for the recruitment of the faculty. The services of senior IIT faculty of different locations (who settled after their retirement) are also being used which will be an added advantage to the IIT. Then the faculty will be the combination of young and senior people says Mr.Desai.

He also said that the ground breaking ceremony may be done mostly in September or October at Kandi village in Sanga Reddy and he even invited the architects to give the best plan for constructing. He reminded that clearances should be taken from the authorities and Ministry of HRD is giving full support regarding the Funds.

Source: The Hindu