Driving Tests at RTAs to be Judged by RFID System

22 March 2011: The driving tests to be conducted by Regional Transport Authority (RTA) for issuing driving license will now be judged by the computer based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. In this system there are sensors which are placed underneath the test tracks, which very accurately track even the minute deviations in the driving. These deviations will be reflected on the computer screen, and the concerned official has to just process the application based on the RFID judgment. As of now this judgment is applied only for 4 wheeler tracks and later on will be extended to two wheeler and heavy vehicle testing tracks.

Due the long waiting list of applicants, the RTA officials have introduced new tracks at RTA centers at Nagole, Uppal, Kondapur and Medchal. The officials are also thinking to Re-open the RTA center at Secunderabad.

Source: Indian Express