Corporate Educational System Making Students Unfit for IIT’s

The number of suicides in the country’s top technical institutes, IIT’s is increasing at an alarming rate. The obvious reason for all these suicides being the incapability of the students to cope up with the academic pressure.

With the recent suicide of the city based girl from IIT-Patna has brought the number of IITians committing suicide to 7 in a span of one year. Poor grades of the students coupled with high expectations of the parents and teachers are provoking students to take such rash decisions on their lives.

Experts in the education field are of the opinion that this rising trend in the country’s top IIT’s is due to the difference between the students’ standards of individuals and the standards of education. Though these students are successful in passing through the joint entrance exam (JEE) and getting in to IIT’s they are not able to sustain the same performance in the IIT’s.

The main reason for the failure of the students to perform equally good in the next level of education is that, the corporate institutes which offer training for IIT-JEE stress on routine learning and practicing of previous years question papers to crack the entrance question paper. But this method of solving problems by regular practice of already solved question papers will not allow the students to think of their own. Whereas, the education system is different in IIT’s. In these premiere institutes the students are expected to solve the unfamiliar problems through their innovative thinking.

Further, when asked the psychologists regarding these suicidal tendencies in children, they commented that the stress and pressure on the students to perform extraordinarily is very high. They individually have high expectations about themselves and adding to those expectations from teachers, parents and peers develops fear on under-achieving in them and push them hard towards such kind of irrational decisions.

They suggest that students should be allowed to maintain a correct balance in their life by following a plan of eight hours work, eight hours play and eight hours sleep. Stressing only on one part of the life will only make the situations out of hand. Apart from that students should also be made to realize the importance of inter personal relationships with real people so that they won’t cut themselves off from reality which only turns them coward.