Dyed Watermelons Poses Health Threat

Watermelons are everyone’s favourite summer treat. Many of us prefer this seasonal fruit to beat the summer heat and avoid dehydration. But there is a shocking news for all you watermelon lovers, the fruit that is sold in many parts of the city could contain lethal chemicals that are illegal and harmful to our body.

Fruit vendors in the city are injecting red dye into the fruits to give it a red hue and many people fall prey to the delightful colour. These vendors are looking for their own commercial benefit at the risk of someone’s health.

Chemicals used for ripening the fruit and its negative health effects
According to doctors and nutritionist, the lethal chemicals that are used illegally for artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables could cause deadly diseases. Chemicals used in ripening the fruit include carbide, lead chromate, methanol yellow and Sudan red.

  • Carbide causes severe damage to liver.
  • Lead chromate can cause anaemia, blindness and brain damage.
  • Methanol yellow cause stomach ailments, cancer and degeneration of the male reproduction.
  • Sudan red can cause digestion problems and is harmful for stomach.

How to identify dyed watermelons?
Many of us are not aware on how to identify dyed watermelons. Here are some of the ways to identify chemical ripening:

  • If the fruits is uniformly well coloured.
  • If black blotches appear on the skin within 2 or 3 days.
  • If the fruits is round in shape. (Carbine chemical generates ethylene gas which releases excess heat and makes the fruit to ripen fast and in total round shape)

It’s advisable to look for the above things when buying a watermelon and if you have any health hazard please consult a doctor immediately.