Engineering Counselling Process to be More Secure – Onetime Password

Authorities are going to bring changes in the admission procedure to protect the interests of candidates. For this, a ‘One Time Password (OTP)’ feature is going to be introduced. This feature is similar to OTP facility used by banks in transactions in Internet banking.

Under the new procedure, a candidate will have an OTP. The OTP will be valid for a short duration of time. It will be sent to the candidate’s registered mobile when s/he visits the official website. Every time the candidate visits the website, s/he will get a new password.

Candidates need to enter the OTP when they visit the website of engineering admission to mention their order of choice of the engineering college and course, and fill in their personal data.

The objective of this measure is to prevent unauthorized people to access the candidates’ details and choice of courses and colleges.

In the past, there were complaints that options were changed without candidates’ knowledge. Some internet centres and colleges together are said to have committed this fraud.
Further, candidates especially from districts were misguided in the name of helping them out in the admission procedure.

The authorities are going to request National Informatics Centre to build the required software.

Source – The Hindu