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Necessity of Practical English Skills in the Job – Effective Preparation of students for the World of Work

Acquiring English practical skills forms a part of effective preparation of students for the world of work. Right from finding a job to getting a job, performing in a job and growing in a job, one needs to possess good…

The Easy Way to Learn Spoken English

Learning to read and write English can be limited to the four walls of a classroom and textbooks. But learning to speak English needs good practical exposure. You can hardly speak a correct sentence if you count on the teaching…

The Present Trend of Spoken English in Hyderabad City is Leading People in Wrong Direction

People in Hyderabad wrongly relate spoken English with learning English. This is what the spoken English institutes in Hyderabad city have driven in to the minds of people so as to make quick business. But the fact is – spoken English is only a part of English, and is not the first step in learning English.

Glamorizing English Makes it Difficult to Learn English

The famous personalities/stars associate speaking English with their status symbol, thus glamorizing it unnecessarily. And our film crazy people of Hyderabad city easily get carried away by this awry attitude, thus, keeping English at high pedestal. Thinking that learning English is not their cup of tea, they move away from learning it.

English Gives Access to Wisdom from Across the World

English being an universal language has a distinct feature – key to unlock wisdom. Many of the great literary works of the world have been written in English, besides, many of them (from our local languages) have been translated to English. Thus, removing the barrier of language for the one aspiring to attain wisdom.

Tyranny of Accent in Learning English

It is common to see many people in our Hyderabad city trying to imitate actions of their favorite actors/famous personalities and finally ending up as a joker. Same happens with those who learn English with high emphasis on learning accent than learning the language – they end up becoming mimicking toys.

Learning English to Meet Your Needs

The very purpose of a language is to communicate. When a person cannot perform his day-to-day communication, he is nothing less than a dumb animal. With English becoming a customary language in Hyderabad city for various purposes like shopping, traveling, government applications, etc., a common Hyderabadi now needs to learn English to meet his needs.

Entertainment – Key to Learn English

In contrast to the serious image created by the institutes in the Hyderabad city, English is fun to learn and why not, if story books, comics, games and puzzles (not textbooks) are all what needed to learn English. Don’t think of joining worthless institutes, when you have the amazing English learning sources at your hand.

Tools You Need to Learn English – Not Provided by Commercial Spoken English Institutes in Hyderabad City

Thanks to the spoken English institutes in the city, learning English is now not less than an Herculean task – half of the interest to learn English is drained on seeing the heavy study materials provided by them. Little do these commercial institutes know that all it takes to learn English is only 4 tools.