Reny George: Former Convict Turned Social Activist

We all know the great sage Valmiki who wrote the holy epic Ramayana. But do you know that he was a dacoit in his early life? He got transformed from a dacoit to a sage after meeting Narada. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to transform, it’s not that easy.

In this article, we introduce you real life Valmiki, Reny George, a social activist who is transforming the lives of many criminals into good human beings. You know what? He actually was a criminal!

Reny George spent 15 years in jail for murder and was released in the year 1995. After his release, he started the Precious Children Home in 1996, a home for children of convicts, which is located in Bengaluru. As an ex-convict, Reny knew the pain that a convict, his children and family experiences.

Changing the mindset of criminals
The goal of Reny George is to change the mindset of the criminals. Generally a criminal loses hope and goes deeper into crime, due to loss of hope. The reality is petty criminals are becoming hardened criminals due to lack of hope. This is where Reny George is helpful.

It is good for society, if by mistake someone commits a crime and is able to come back (reform) and commits to live an honest life without crime. Reny George is a live inspiration for all the prison convicts to lead normal happy life.

He visits the jail frequently, talks to convicts, so that they can change their criminal attitude and to bring some positive change in them. He also brings children of convicts to meet their parents.

Caring for the children of convicts
Children of convicts are often haunted by the society; they are rejected, overlooked, forgotten and also denied admission in schools. To bring a substantial place for these children in society, he started a school that educates these children, so that they can lead a normal life, fulfill their dreams, be part of the society and live as a responsible citizen.

Reny does not want children to suffer or pay for the crimes their parents did. His mission is bigger than education; he wants children of convicts capable of leading a respectable life. He is a live example of prison reforms.

For his incredible service, he was awarded with CNN-IBN Real Hero award in 2008. The society wants convicts to take a lesson from Reny George and strengthen their hopes of leading a respectable life.

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