How to Use Air Coolers Effectively

Air coolers are commonly used in houses and small shops as they are less expensive and consume less energy when compared to A/Cs. Air coolers are easy to install and can be shifted from one place to another as per your requirements.

Air Coolers – Fan vs Blower type

To beat the summer heat and keep ideal temperatures in the atmosphere, people use air conditioners or air coolers in their houses. When compared to air conditioners, air coolers are most inexpensive and effective way of handling hot, stuffy and dry climates. They not only save large amount of money on electricity bills but also conserve environmental benefits with no harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) or gases emissions. (more)

Earning Degrees Doesn’t Make One Educated

From as long as we know of human civilization, people looking to improve only their skills and technical expertise went to trade school and learned in the apprentice method. The modern methods of such technical training is provided by ITI’s and Polytechnic. That also requires practical training in the industry for a year or two. In traditional crafts like carpentry, painting, blacksmith and masonry – the technical skill development training is far more medieval.

How to Make Smooth Transition from Being a Student to a Professional

Going through a transitional phase from a student to a professional is significant in your life. You should ensure that the transition is smooth and successful. Getting a job is momentous in your life. The moment you get a job, a number of inexplicable feelings hit you. Elated and excited, “Yes! I did it! I’m a professional now” feeling creeps in.
You go out with your close friends, family and your loved ones to celebrate your achievement. You would feel excited about your future and would be looking ahead eagerly. You are optimistic on your career in the years to come. (more)

Tips to prepare for a job interview

You have worked so hard for this day and eventually the opportunity has come to show your talent. The resume that you have sent for a job has worked out well and you get a phone call to attend the interview. We know you will be nervous at this point and work in your mind on several odds on how to make that perfect first impression. There is nothing to panic, remind your self of the technical knowledge you are aware of and have a positive outlook.
For your convenience we have listed some of the tips on how to get yourself prepared to perform best in the job interview. (more)

Major Bus Routes of TSRTC in Twin Cities

Major Bus Routes of TSRTC in Twin Cities

In Hyderabad, it’s not possible to remember every bus route, but Hyderabadis encourage to remember major routes. This helps when they have to go to far away locality in Hyderabad or to come back home from there. At least, with this info people can travel to known bus junction and change to right bus. In the twin cities, Koti, Secunderabad, Mehdipatnam, Sanathnagar, Dilsukhnagar and Uppal are the main bus stops, from where, buses to different areas in the city are connected.

Business Limelight: Marvist Digital Marketing

Business Limelight: Marvist Digital Marketing

The main aspect that decides the success of a business and brings it into the limelight is the alignment of their internal systems and processes to the customer needs. Since its inception in 2005, Marvist Digital Marketing, a premium company in Hyderabad, has been in the business limelight because of their focus on offering tailored services to fast growing small businesses and medium sized companies to improve their competitive situation. Over the last 10 years, Marvist has made positive impact to the business growth of many clients.

A Functioning Society Is More Beneficial Than A Liberal Society

The word liberalism means different things to different people in the current world. The meaning of liberalism has changed and morphed over the years.  Some people like liberals and some don’t. Many make an opinion of liberalism as good or bad without understanding its meaning and its origins.

Origins of liberalism and the situation of society at that time
Few centuries back the original meaning of liberalism was different from what it means today. At that time the liberalist philosophy was practical, sensible and functional. It was a concept from Europe. (more)

Effects of Technology Automation on jobs

It is a good thing that technology has gained momentum in terms of Artificial intelligence and robotics, but at the same time has definitely raised a concern among professionals about their job uncertainty. According to the 2013 Oxford study, in the next 20 years, 47% of jobs are predicted to be at higher risk which means there is a need to embrace the upcoming changes and adapt to the newer technologies that are required for the new set of job roles.Computers have already taken up many routine information processing jobs that were previously restricted to only humans, and are successful in handling them much faster, increasing the overall productivity. (more)