Spirituality, Science and Social Structure – Three Major and Independent Aspects of Modern Democracy

Spirituality, Science and Social Structure are three independent aspects that need to be maintained independently to develop a superior civilization. Spirituality is based on personal beliefs, Science is based on proofs and social structure is based on accepted social practices. One should not interfere or conflict with other two.

Personality Development Techniques That Reduce Stress in Working People

Personality Development Techniques That Reduce Stress in Working People

Personality does not mean your physical appearance alone. Mental stress is common in people at professional jobs. This is the result of poor personal traits. Also, the kind of stress differs from person to person. Following is a list of personality traits that enable people to overcome stress.

Hyderabadi Humour – A Sign of Self-Confidence, Humbleness and Sense of Security

Hyderabadi Humour – A Sign of Self-Confidence, Humbleness and Sense of Security

Hyderabadi humour is known for its openness, self-discipline, self-confidence and humility. Unlike other types of comedy where you laugh at other’s pain, Hyderabadi humour is self-depreciating – make fun of yourself to make others laugh. This shows self-confidence and sense of security.

No New Generation Jobs Got Created in Hyderabad City Centre

Hyderabad city centre has not seen much growth in job creation in the last few years. All the jobs are being created in out skirts of the city like Gachibowli, Hitech City and Kondapur. If no new job creation is created in Hyderabad city centre very soon the city will decay. How can the problem be addressed?

Traditional Unorganized Sector Businesses in Hyderabad Unable to Go to Next Level

The local businessmen in Hyderabad despite centuries of affluence and exposure to business have remained small time and unprofessional retailers. It’s time they change their mindset on the unorganized retail sector and should undergo a transformation to keep the economy growing.

Begum Bazaar – The Oldest & Biggest Wholesale Market in Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s Begum Bazaar is one such market where you get a variety of things at a place and that to at a reasonable and wholesale rate. It is not only a place that is most visited by Hyderabadi’s, but also people from various places come here to make purchases for their retail shops.

Movie, Movie Every Where, Not a Single Award for Tollywood

Movie after movie, movie after movie, the list of quantity movies by the Tollywood industry is endless, but where do we get to see quality movies. Focusing on quantity rather than quality has been the main reason that till date not a single Telugu movie has received a global or a national award. It’s time to change!

What is Leadership and How is it Different from Being a Reactionary?

Leadership refers to an individual’s ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute towards organizational success. Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve organizational goals. Finally, leadership needs to deliver the results to the regular people.

Difference between Socialism, Communism and Welfare State

Communism, socialism and welfare state are three different systems and most people do not know the actual difference between the three. Socialism and communism are political ideologies; whereas, welfare state is a way of doing good things for the people. Welfare state can exist under any political structure.