You don’t Need Lot of Capital to Succeed in Business but You Need Lot of Something Else!

Many youngsters have a delusion that doing business is easier than making a livelihood doing a job. They think having money is most important to succeed in business but overlook the challenges they face to keep their business running. They blame their lack of success on lack of capital when in fact what they lack is something else.

Olympics – The Spirit of Excellence and Performance

Unlike other sports events where prize money is primary goal, Olympic spirit involves recognition of excellence in performance without seeking money as reward. A country with maximum winner of medals is considered great. Nobody is paid a single rupee to perform by the Olympic Association unlike professional sports. It allows only pure pursuit of... »

United States of Ameerpet

United States of Ameerpet

In 1990's an IT revolution started in Ameerpet. Soon training institutes started teaching programming languages here for those interested in IT careers. Soon the area became known as United States of Ameerpet - lakhs of people got low cost IT training courses and immigrated abroad especially to USA. Why is this area so successful... »

It’s Important for Youngsters to Review Their Thinking Assumptions and Biases to Succeed in Life

Individual’s receptivity to an idea or approach is determined by their previous experience and belief system. Knowingly or unknowingly, people get trapped in the wrong path influenced by many social movements, organizations and institutions. When people are fed by these ideas they tend to have a different approach to life. »

Resolving a Conflict at Workplace: Tips for Freshers

By: B. K. Vijay Conflicts regularly happen at workplace. The frequency of such conflicts is more among the freshers. Workplace conflicts need not be big, but careers are made or broken by how the new employee handles the small conflicts at work. They should be able to handle such situations in a proper way... »

Earning Degrees Doesn’t Make One Educated

From as long as we know of human civilization, people looking to improve only their skills and technical expertise went to trade school and learned in the apprentice method. The modern methods of such technical training is provided by ITI’s and Polytechnic. That also requires practical training in the industry for a year or... »

Role of Soft Skills in a Person’s Career

Soft skills represent a fundamental attribute that today’s knowledge based economy is demanding of its employers, employees and businesses. Soft skills give the opportunity to enhance organizational skills and leadership skills to improve team results. If you are perceived to be difficult and unfriendly, of what value are your hard skills when nobody is... »

Major Bus Routes of TSRTC in Twin Cities

Major Bus Routes of TSRTC in Twin Cities

In Hyderabad, it’s not possible to remember every bus route, but Hyderabadis encourage to remember major routes. This helps when they have to go to far away locality in Hyderabad or to come back home from there. At least, with this info people can travel to known bus junction and change to right bus.... »

Business Limelight: Marvist Digital Marketing

Business Limelight: Marvist Digital Marketing

The main aspect that decides the success of a business and brings it into the limelight is the alignment of their internal systems and processes to the customer needs. Since its inception in 2005, Marvist Digital Marketing, a premium company in Hyderabad, has been in the business limelight because of their focus on offering... »