Indian Media Losing its Credibility Due to “Paid News”

Indian mediaToday, media in India is losing its ethical value, because there is a steep rise in paid news. Gone are the days when journalists would write for the people; today they write news in favour of politicians, big companies and celebrities. Is this what India wants?

Why Doesn’t Hyderabad Have High-Rise Buildings in City Centre?

Why Doesn’t Hyderabad Have High-Rise Buildings in City Centre?

Hyderabad city centre has only the lone Babukhan Estate that stands as the tallest building with 17 floors that was built in the year 1987. Over the past 20-25 years, there are no tall buildings built in the city centre. Why is the city centre neglected?

What is Leadership and How is it Different from Being a Reactionary?

Leadership refers to an individual’s ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute towards organizational success. Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve organizational goals.

Difference between Socialism, Communism and Welfare State

Communism, socialism and welfare state are three different systems and most people do not know the actual difference between the three. Socialism and communism are political ideologies; whereas, welfare state is a way of doing good things for the people. Welfare state can exist under any political structure.

Need to Incentivise Small & Medium Businesses to Create Professional Jobs in City Centre

Need to Incentivise Small & Medium Businesses to Create Professional Jobs in City Centre

It’s a known fact that small and medium businesses, not big businesses, are capable of providing jobs to lakhs of young graduates and create vibrant neighbourhoods in cities. Know why they are not interested and what government can do to encourage them.

Best English Learning Institutes in Hyderabad

With more people in Hyderabad aspiring to learn English, there is a need for professional guidance, that can help them learn the real concept and purpose of language. Keeping this in view, we have picked up some good institutes from the many spoken English institutes in city that have a qualified teaching faculty.

Public Libraries Disappearing in Hyderabad City

The plight of public libraries in Hyderabad city is in a grave situation. The surviving ones however are in very pathetic conditions. Did you know that 8% of our property tax goes towards library cess, for maintenance and development of libraries. But, there is no clarity on where the amount is being used.

In the Name of Service Charge Restaurants Cheat People with Fake Compulsory Tip

Service charge by restaurants is not mandatory as per government regulations; it’s entirely at the restaurant’s discretion. Most top restaurants in Hyderabad charge a service charge ranging from 5-10% on the total bill and it’s shared among the service staff. Beware don’t pay additional tip.

Famous Telugu Saree Varieties Available in Hyderabad

Are you looking for some information on the various traditional varieties of sarees available in the Hyderabad market? If yes, you are at the right place. Hyderabad is one place where you get to see and buy a variety of sarees that come from various districts of AP. People from different parts of AP come to Hyderabad for purchasing sarees. Read on to know more.